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Your Asus ROG companion can go transparent with Jsaux's RGB backplate

Your Asus ROG companion can go transparent with Jsaux's RGB backplate

The latest entry in the refurbished transparent gadget craze: your Asus ROG Ele handheld gaming PC. Today, acclaimed Steam Deck accessory maker Jsaux is unveiling a $40 Frosted RGB Rear Shell for the Asus handheld, which lets you see some of its delightful interiors.

This may not give you the right look from the back, now I see how much of that frosting blocks the red circuit board. It probably won't increase your cooling like the company's Steam Deck backplate, but that cool surface should be nicely bathed in RGB light, not to mention the five light-catching stickers you can place inside.

In addition to the RGB backplate, Jsaux is launching a ModCase for the ROG Ally that features a rugged shell, a Dbrand-esque travel cover, and snap-on detachable straps to protect the screen and joystick (and it holds four microSD cards). Includes a pair of. Which lets you tie an external battery or other accessories. The basic kit is $30, although Jsaux has an $80 version that comes with a 65W power bank that you can see in the image below.

Dbrand will sell a similar kit for the ROG Ellie with much larger vents and a sturdier kickstand, but without the ability to strap the battery to the back and a ship date of early next year. Jessox told The Verge that the ModCase should ship in early November and the transparent backplate in mid-November.

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