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Nomad's new iPad Folio brings back the touch of leather

Nomad's new iPad Folio brings back the touch of leather

Although Apple has removed leather from its product lineup, third-party accessory makers are moving forward in full force. Nomad's latest cases for the iPad Air and iPad Pro, the Leather Folio and Leather Folio Plus, have the same design and features as Apple's Smart Folio Case but with a leather finish.

The Leather Folio Cases attach with magnets to the back of the iPad and offer a more attractive profile than the company's other iPad cases. They automatically wake and sleep when you open and close the iPad, and like Apple's cases, the front cover can be folded back to use as a stand in landscape orientation. There is a microfiber finish on the inside to protect the screen.

The Plus model, which costs $10 more than the standard leather folio, adds a magnetic flap to hold the Apple Pencil more securely.

The leather on the outside of the case is quite thin, and it's smooth to the touch – no pebbles or texture. You can choose black or gray, and the sizes are available for the iPad Air and 11-inch iPad Pro, as well as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Apart from the leather finish, Nomad cases are pretty basic. Although the iPads they work with have been around for more than half a decade, Nomad isn't doing anything different with these cases in terms of functionality other than the basic Apple Pencil flap. There's no way to bend the cover to support the iPad in portrait orientation, the amount of protection from drops and falls is minimal, and the cases don't offer much in the way of extra grip. It doesn't take long to find other cases with this many features on Amazon, often at much lower prices.

On the other hand, the magnets are strong, the microfiber lining is soft, and the Nomad leather folios are easy to put on and take off the iPad when you don't want them.

The biggest hurdle may be the price: The basic Leather Folio is $120 for the 11-inch size and $140 for the 12.9-inch version. The Plus model, which includes only the Apple Pencil flap, costs up to $150.

I think many people will find it hard to justify spending so much on an iPad case, even if they're looking for something with leather, and it's not hard to find more affordable options. For example, a leather case from Toro has exactly the same features and can be purchased for less than $70. Pitaka's faux leather case is even cheaper and offers a variety of stand options, without compromising thickness or weight compared to the Nomad.