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Instagram is going to let you set video status

Instagram is going to let you set video status

Meta announced on Wednesday that Instagram is going to help you spice up your notes by letting you post video notes.

Notes have been text-based until now, which means they currently function like the AIM status messages of my millennial youth. (You can even share what song you're listening to!) Adding a video gives you a little more room to be creative with your notes, and you can even add a text caption. But since video notes can only be two-second loops, they probably won't replace Instagram Stories in the near future.

The company is also introducing additional ways to respond to your friends' notes, including photos, videos, audio messages, stickers, and GIFs. If you reply to a note, your friend will see that reply as a DM.

Meta introduced Notes late last year, and they have apparently proven popular among teens. Personally, I currently prefer to create my shorter posts on another meta platform, but I still wear skinny jeans, so what do I know.