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Amazon says its Prime delivery is getting even faster

Amazon says its Prime delivery is getting even faster

For me, Prime's promise of two-day shipping is an added bonus for things like Prime Video and Fallout. But it's become an expectation, leading to other retailers like Walmart and Target offering faster shipping options of their own.

Now, Amazon says its deliveries are getting even faster, announcing that it delivered more than 2 billion items same-day or next-day to Prime members during the first three months of 2024, breaking 2023's record. Gave. Went. The company says it delivers about 60 percent of Prime orders in the 60 largest metropolitan areas of the US the same or next day.

If you shop from Amazon, have you noticed a difference lately? Same-day and next-day options appear to be more widely available, but it's difficult to tell how this applies to different items in different locations or to reports of warehouse injuries and workers' calls for better conditions. How does it apply to organizing? It depends on whether the associated costs are worth it.

Amazon's control over shipping and fulfillment has helped make it the target of a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit. The agency alleges that Amazon engages in anti-competitive behavior by unfairly limiting sellers' eligibility for Prime shipping and forcing companies to use its fulfillment services. Amazon claims that Prime shipping may become "slower or less reliable" for customers as a result of the FTC's efforts.

In 2019, Amazon said it would spend billions building an in-house fulfillment operation covering planes, trucks, drones and robots to rival FedEx and UPS and enable these one-day or less deliveries. doing. And last year, it introduced a program that allows sellers to ship their products directly from factories — even if they're going to one of Amazon's many warehouses.

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