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A new Resident Evil is in the works

A new Resident Evil is in the works

Capcom is developing a new Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 7 director Koshi Nakanishi confirmed Monday during the summer "Capcom Next" livestream.

"We're making a new Resident Evil," Nakanishi said during the show. "It was really hard to figure out what to do after 7. But I found it, and honestly, it feels pretty important. I can't share any details right now, but I hope you're excited for the day I make it."

Of course, there's not much else to say about this one, but I think he's hinting that this new game is the next big entry in the franchise. If that's the case, we'll have to see if Capcom calls it Resident Evil 9 or finds a clever subtitle, as it did with the Resident Evil Village logo.

The news of a new Resident Evil comes after a few other game updates. The recently announced Dead Rising Deluxe remaster will be released on September 19 with improved graphics and some new quality-of-life upgrades. Kunitsu-gami: Path of the Goddess, a new tower defense game in a setting inspired by Japanese mythology, is getting a demo today ahead of its July 19 release. (My colleague Ash Parrish was a big fan of the game at the Summer Game Fest.) And Resident Evil 7 for iOS, which launches on July 2, will have an auto-fire feature to make it easier to play the game with virtual controls.

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