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Facebook TimeLine (Now Available To All)

Facebook profiles around the world are due for a facelift as the social networking giant rolls out its new Timeline feature to anybody who wants it. The new profiles are set to be the biggest shake-up the service has seen since the Like button was introduced, changing the way users view and interact with profiles.

Timeline has been designed from the ground up to enable Facebook users to tell a story, complete with a cover page, featured stories and events. Once the service has been activated, users have a week-long grace period during which they can get their Timelines into shape, removing unwanted stories and highlighting happier times.
As well as a new way of browsing the site, Timeline also introduces new social applications which can be integrated into profiles. Examples include a Netflix app which lists recently watched movies, RunKeeper which broadcasts GPS work-out information and Spotify for highlighting favourite or last-played tracks.
Facebook Timeline is also accessible via mobile web at and via the official Facebook for Android app. The service will be coming to iOS soon, but as yet no date has been given.
In order to activate the new Timeline right now, head over to the signup page and click Get Timeline. For privacy advice when it comes to upgrading to the new profile check out out this article.
Have you tried Facebook Timeline? What do you think? Decided against it? Tell us why in the comments, below.

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