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Why Orkut Failed?????

What is
Orkut is a social networking website that is owned and operated by Google .The service is designed to help users meet new and old friends and maintain existing relationships. The website is named after its creator, Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten. Although orkut is less popular in the United States than competitors Facebook and MySpace, it is one of the most visited websites in India and Brazil.[3] As of October 2011, 59.1% of orkut's users are from Brazil, followed by India with 27.1% and Japan with 6.7%.[1]
Originally hosted in California, in August 2008 Google announced that orkut would be fully managed and operated in Brazil, by Google Brazil, in the city ofBelo Horizonte. This was decided due to the large Brazilian user base and growth of legal issues.

About the Popularity Of  :)
As of October 2011, Alexa traffic ranked 126th and 128th in the world; the website currently has over 66 million active users worldwide.
Over the years, orkut has also found great popularity in Estonia as witnessed by a survey conducted by the independent research center GfK Custom Research Baltic which showed how orkut is the most used social network platform in that country

Why it Failed in INDIA and Some in Other Countries????
Orkut was once the most popular social networking website. But due to some reason it Failed.
Probable reasons were:
1)One of the greatest threat to orkut was Facebook, Which was slowly gaining Popularity.
2)Orkut is developed in , Hence Takes More Time in loading than facebook.
3)Users Found Facebook more easier to operate than Orkut.
4)Introduction of new versions of orkut was also not liked by the People.
5)People wanted some more dynamic website, That was provided by Facebook.

These were some of the Reasons Why Orkut Failed.....

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