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Few Disadvantages of Aakash Tablet :

Battery Life : Aakash tablet come equipped with a 2100mAh battery which lasts upto 4 hours if you are reading EBooks but if you watching HD Movies than it will last upto 3 hours which is really low than all the major tablets out there in the market.

Small Processor : Processor is the main module of any gadget and if its not good than you can imagine how gadget would be well Aakash Tablet comes with a small processor and it can result in loss of speed.

No Webcam Support : Now days every gadget comes with front and back camera for video calling purpose, well you can say Aakash Tablet is the cheap tablet so everything cannot be possible but if you are a serious chatting geek than you should now that you cannot make video calls with this tablet.

Heating Problem : Due to its low material major problem which people saw in Aakash Tablet was the Heating Problem, its heats up really quickly so this is the major point to check out.

Display & Touch Experience : So now with this tablet do not imaging that you are going to experience the iPhone touch in this one, simply saying the touch sucks well I will compare the touch with Chinese phones so this is the major point to check out.

No Bluetooth - 3G - GPRS : You just have the support to use Wi-Fi or the Dongles out there which use the USB Source to access internet, so do not think that you are going to activate the GPRS Internet plans and than going to enjoy internet on this device.

No Android Market : Well the main disadvantage of this tablet is the loss of Android Market, you will not be able to access all those awesome apps on your device but market is simply configured to access only the educational apps so this simply not good.

Though the makers of Akash Tablet are continiously trying their best to Remove these drawbacks and efforts are continiously being made to develop a better product which can survive in this world.
Ubistale is trying to remove these drawbacks , but the price of this product may increase a bit, but it will still be in the range of common people

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