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Threads users can now keep their posts off Instagram and Facebook

Threads users can now keep their posts off Instagram and Facebook

Many Threads users are now saying they have the ability to opt out of having their posts shown on Instagram and Facebook. To stop Threads posts from appearing on Meta's other platforms, tap the two lines at the top right of the Threads app > Privacy > Suggesting posts on other apps — the two switches let users turn off suggestions on Instagram or Facebook. Meta Threads rolls out features slowly, so if you haven't seen the new toggles yet, give it time.

Both Instagram and Facebook have gotten "For You on Threads" carousels in the past few months. Responding to user outcry, Threads said in October that it was "listening to feedback" for some time before testing the opt-out switch that is now rolling out.

The feature was apparently intended to increase engagement on threads, as the platform seemed to be settling after its impressive initial launch. But now the situation is looking much better. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on an earnings call last month that Threads now has about 100 million monthly users. That's still less than the "over half a billion monthly users" that Elon Musk recently claimed the X had, but it's a good sign for Threads, which has been around for just over four months of its life. Has existed since time immemorial. Is in time.

Other major changes may also come to the app soon. Alessandro Paluzzi, a software engineer who found a lot of the features before they arrived in the threads (including the new cross-platform post-suggestions switch), posted a screenshot that suggests Meta is preparing to open the platform to EU users . Can. Meta has paused launching Threads in Europe because the region's Digital Markets Act regulates how it handles cross-platform data.

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