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Things you must know before installing a custom ROM like (CynogenMod Lollipop) on your android

Hi guys this post is for those who want to install custom rom on there android phones and are new to all those terms that are used in installing a custom rom on your device.

While doing research and development on how to install lollipop you must have came across various terms like custom rom, Stock ROM, Recovery tool, Recovery rom, installing zip, Root a phone etc. and if you a new to all this you might have got confused that what actually these terms are.

So for all you new bees here is some short description of what actually these terms are.

What is Stock ROM ?

Stock ROM is just like an operating system that comes pre installed on your device, So before installing any custom rom you need to take back up of stock rom.

What is Custom ROM ?

Custom rom is nothing but an android operating system. When you purchase a android phone it comes with a rom or OS called Stock ROM. So by default the rom that is on your android device is called stock rom. And there are many developers that customize those roms and publish them over network for various phones. And they are called as custom roms.

For example: Google launched Android Lollipop, so many developers launched the customized versions of that lollipop for various phones like micromax, samsung, HTC etc. ie they launched custom roms for those phones

What is recovery tool ?

Recovery tool is basically a software application that will help in installing custom rom and taking back up of stock rom. There are many recory tools available in market eg, CWM Recovery, TWRP Recovery,
There is one pre installed recovery tool that comes with your device, But if you are going to

How to get into a Recovery Mode ?

Switching to recovery mode is very easy, you just need to press volume UP key and Power button simultaneously after switching off your phone.

Rooting a android device .

Rooting your android device simply means getting root permissions, You generally don't require root permissions in daily use, but if you are  going to install another OS or custom rom you'll require root permissions.

What are root permissions ?

For security reasons your android device is protected so that you by mistake dont delete any system file and brick your android device. so by default there are some root permissions on your device that protects your system files, For removing those system files you need root permissions and getting those root permissions is nothing but rooting your device, there are various software applications in market that allows rooting your device. 
Eg. KingO Root

What is Bricking a phone ?

While installing custom rom if your phone somehow fall into a state when its showing no activity after pressing power button or by connecting to PC, It is said that your phone is bricked, There are many reasons of your phone going in bricked state like while installing or updating battery drains, connection lost etc. In 90%  of cases if your phone is bricked you might never recover it untill some miracle happens.

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