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Twitch introduces improved reporting and appeals features

Twitch introduces improved reporting and appeals features

Twitch is making changes to its security tools, improving its reporting process, and adding a new appeals portal.

Over the next few weeks, Twitch will gradually introduce improved reporting tools, simplifying the process by which streamers and viewers can report content. The new process includes a search function so users can find a specific reason for their report and a suite of menus for the type of content being flagged. The updated reporting tools will come to the web first, with a mobile rollout at an unspecified later date.

In addition to improved reporting features, Twitch is also adding a new appeals portal, which provides greater transparency in the appeals process. In the past, to oppose a ban or suspension, a streamer would submit an appeal, receive an automatic response acknowledgment, and then wait for a response that accepted or denied the appeal. Users complained of the process for its slow pace and the apparent lack of explanation for the dismissal of appeals. In the announcement, Twitch said:

All that changed today with the launch of our new Appeal Portal, located at From our side, this includes some technical updates that will help our experts review appeals more quickly. On your part, it simplifies the process by doing two main things:
1. It gives you visibility into enforcements that deserve appeal.
2. It shows you the status and results of ongoing and prior requests respectively.

The announcement also includes a comprehensive FAQ, which highlights specific details about how the new appeals process works. Check it out here.

Since the hate raids last summer, which culminated in dreamy boycotts and social media campaigns, Twitch has slowly stepped up its safety and security tools. Last September, Twitch deployed a phone verification setting that allowed streamers to protect their chats from hate bot spam by allowing only accounts with verified phone numbers to participate in chats. These new reporting and appeals tools are the next step in Twitch's ongoing security program.

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