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Spotify amps up fiction podcast effort with new leader of scripted content

Spotify amps up fiction podcast effort with new leader of scripted content

According to an internal memo obtained by The Verge, on the heels of Spotify's blockbuster audio drama Batman Unburied, the company is promoting the streamer to Gimlet executive Mimi O'Donnell as head of scripted fiction.

Batman Unbeard notably set The Joe Rogan Experience apart when it debuted in May and appears to be a turning point for the streamer. While Spotify has already struck licensing deals with hosts like Rogan and Call Her Daddy's Alex Cooper, Batman will likely open the door to more Hollywood series.

Julie McNamara, head of Spotify's talk studio, told staff that O'Donnell will help produce the streamer's next ambitious fiction shows, including the upcoming Jordan Peele project and an English adaptation of Caso 63 with Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaacs.

In his six years as head of scripted fiction at Gimlet, O'Donnell has produced star-studded series, such as Motherhacker with Sandra and Carrie Coon and Pedro Pascal with Alia Shawkat and Kristen Wiig, with some showbiz flair. a network. Added to what was once best known. Culture shows answer all.

O'Donnell will report to McNamara and the incoming Managing Director of Gimlet. Gimlet MD Lydia Polgreen announced in April that she was leaving the company and returning as an opinion columnist for The New York Times, where the journalist spent nearly 15 years. A replacement has not yet been announced.

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