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Apple Podcasts now includes transcripts

Apple Podcasts now includes transcripts

Apple Podcasts will automatically create transcripts for podcasts starting today, thanks to the 17.4 update for iPhones and iPads. Transcripts for new podcast episodes will appear automatically immediately after publication, while Apple will transcribe the podcast catalog over time.

Podcast transcripts are searchable, allowing users to type in a specific word or phrase and jump to that part of the episode. Users can find transcripts for individual podcast episodes at the bottom-left corner of the "Now Playing" screen.

After Spotify released auto-generated transcripts last time, it's no surprise that Apple wants its native podcast player to remain the same feature-wise.

While transcription is convenient for users (as well as non-negotiable for those who are deaf or hard of hearing), many podcasters are wary of the errors that can occur with automated transcription tools. It seems that Apple has made preparations for this. Podcasters who do not want to use Apple's automated transcripts can choose to upload their own transcripts via RSS tags for premium episodes or in Apple Podcasts Connect, or they can upload Apple's transcripts before re-uploading. Can. Can download and edit.

Transcripts will be available for Apple Podcasts in more than 170 countries, written in English, French, German, and Spanish, but they will not translate podcast transcripts from one language to another.

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