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Logitech's new MX Brio is a $200 4K webcam with 'AI-enhanced image quality

Logitech's new MX Brio is a $200 4K webcam with 'AI-enhanced image quality'.

Logitech's MX Brio is a new $199.99 (£219.99 / €229) 4K webcam aimed at everyone from remote workers to streamers. Key specifications include the ability to stream 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps, an aperture of f/2.0, and an aluminum unibody design that, if you squint, looks like a kazoo.

Since it's 2024, Logitech is naturally advertising some AI-powered technology in the MX Brio. The webcam's "Face-Based Image Enhancement" is designed to automatically detect the position of your face within the webcam's frame and adjust the white balance, exposure, and focus of its picture accordingly. But there have been improvements in the hardware too, with the company advertising that the pixels in its new webcam's 8.5-megapixel sensor are 70 percent larger than those in Logitech's previous flagship Brio 4K webcam.

Other features include a physical privacy shutter and a "show mode" that automatically redirects the view from the webcam when you lower the title to properly show your desk. The webcam is equipped with a pair of beamforming mics to focus on just your voice during calls and uses a detachable USB-C cable to connect to a computer. However, unlike the previous flagship Brio, there's no support for Windows Hello facial recognition, and you also can't record at 4K/60fps like Elgato's competing $299.99 FaceCam Pro.

If you want to take matters into your own hands, manual image control is also available through Logitech's Option Plus or G Hub software, allowing you to adjust elements like the webcam's field of view, exposure, shutter speed, ISO, color temperature, and more. Has the ability to do. to do. .has the capacity. Contrast, saturation and sharpness. It is also possible to access the auto-framing feature on the MX Brio through the Logi Tune software.

Logitech's new MX Brio webcam is available today, where it will join Logitech's MX mice and keyboards. In between, the company is producing MX-branded collections.

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