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How To Remove or Block Someone From All Circles?

      Follow these easy steps:
  1. Go To your Google Plus Account
  2. Click the Circles Tab at the top
  3. You will see the following page,
remove from circle
     4.  This page enable you to invite a friend, create a circle, remove a friend from a circle and most importantly block a person.
     5.   Select anyone who you want to remove or block. Simply click a badge/person
     6.   Now towards the right you will find some links as shown below,
Google+ invitation page
     7.   To remove someone simply click the Remove link. If you wish to block some one then click the More Actions link and choose Block  as shown below,
Block a person in Google+
      8.   You can also select multiple people and remove or block them all with a click of a mouse.
      9. That's it!
If you needed any help just feel free to post your question in the comments box below.
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