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How to download Torrent Files From IDM ????

Step1: Go to any torrent website. or use torrents search engine ie.

Step2: look for any torrent

Step3:Download any torrent file ie (.torrent) file

Step4:Open New website

Step5: Look for choose file button on that page

Step6:Then Browse for the .torrent file that you have downloaded previously

Step7:Then Press Getcache button on right side of "choose File" Button

Step8: Then you will be redirected to another page with a link

Step9: Copy that Link 

Step10: Go to and Paste that URL in the text box  (Note*= u have to sign up for using   and then Press GET Button

Step11: Many Links Will be shown on that page

Step12: Then Copy Link Addess and paste in IDM

Thats it , U r done with it  :)

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