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Next Intel Processor Silvermont to be Launched in 2013

Intel is working on the faster and efficient predecessors.Intel said that the Atom processors will be named as Silvermont.Intel has recently announced about the 3D transistor.

Sources claim that the new processors are scheduled to be launched sometime in 2013. Silvermont like most of the other Atom processors will be a SoC (system-on-a-chip). Current Atom processors from Intel 45nm “is based on the production process. These are upgraded to 32nm process as the current mainstream Sandy Bridge line of processors. Cedarview 32Nm chips are expected in the second half of this year. Finally, when Silvermont processors are produced, they would be based on 22nm process. The new Atom processors should be even better adapted to the energy-saving devices such as tablets. Intel is currently facing stiff competition from the processors based on Arm architecture.

Tri-Gate transistors in Atom Silvermont:
CNet has provided some details about the Atom generation of processors to come with Tri-Gate transistors. It should be the Atom Silvermont platform, burned at 22 nm with a planned delivery date of 2013 to benefit from these.

The Atom Silvermont platform will be a SoC (System on a Chip) including the Atom processor, an interface for network connectivity and a graphics processor. It will be two generations ahead of today’s Atom platform (which is burned at 45 nm, while Cedar Trail will soon be available – burned at 32 nm).

It is not yet know what use it will be designed for, but the improved energy use and battery life provided by the 22 nm burning should allow the platform to also be used in Smartphones and tablets in addition to large devices like netbooks and Chromebooks.

According to CNet, Intel should provide more details about the Atom processors roadmap during their analyst’s conference next week.

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