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Reasons Why Google Chrome is Better that Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other Browser ...

1. More privacy
Google have included an “Incognito window” in this build. None of your history is saved in the browser when you use this window and when you close it the cookies from that session are wiped out.
2. More stability
Google implies that Chrome is more stable than existing browsers. A major selling point for me. As their little Google’s comic book puts it, “When you’re writing an important email or editing a document a browser crash is a big deal”.
3. More speed
Google claim that sites will download quicker on Chrome; this appears to have something to do with Chrome’s JavaScript Virtual Machine named V8. Google state that Chrome looks at the JavaScript source code and “generates machine code that can run directly on the CPU that’s running the browser”, this apparently helps speed things up. Brendan Eich (the founder of Mozilla CTO and JavaScript creator) claims a new Firefox’s new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine outperforms V8 so this particular claim is hard to verify.
4. More style
Google definitely lacks Apple’s style but what they’ve build here looks really slick. I’m a big fan of the smooth and uncluttered look and feel. Besides, have you seen the new icons on version 3.0.6 on Firefox. Very painful on the eyes.
5. Ability to easily create a new brower windows
You can quickly switch between new tab and new window by “ripping” (or dragging and dropping) the tab from the top of the browser.
6. More secure
I like how they have built Chrome using a sandboxing technique that prevents unwanted software installing itself on your machine and stops what happens on one tab affecting what happens on another.
7. More open
Google have decided to open source the entire browser. This could be of huge benefit to the web community. Yes, I know Google has more money than God so they can afford to do this but they deserve a pat on the back for doing this.
8. A dynamic start page
Chrome have done away with the traditional start page approach used by other browsers to display your 9 most visited pages when you boot it up.
9. Better approach to blocking pop ups
Pop ups are confined to stay in the tab they came from unless you want to drag them out in to a new tab. I just tested this out on one of my favourite music sites and it works like a treat.

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