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FreeKall - An Android application that will make phone call's absolutely free free free

Hi guys, Usage of phones in fact Android phones is increasing day by day and lots of new applications are being developed by android developers to make your life easy, But there is no such application that can make your phone calls totally free, though there are applications through which you can send voice messages, There are few applications in the market through which you can make phone calls but for that a good internet connection is required,

We are often searching for a app that can make phone calls totally free, and this was the target of four young engineers from banglore who have developed an innovative application that will make phone calls free and the major advantage is that u'll not need any internet connection for this purpose.

Freekall — developed by Yashas Shekar, Sandesh E, Vijay Umaluti and Sabari Jagadeesan

The only catch is that the users will have to listen to advertisements every two minutes as the application is based on the power of advertisements and cloud telephony, as per a report in a leading Indian website.

This app has already finished a trial run successfully that offered 600000 calls in 5 days, though this app not releases on any store till date as this demands a great discussion with the telecom industry.

Sources said that some of the telecom Companies are against this app release, but there is no law as such that will forbade this app to be released, So soon we all can expect a total free of cost phone calls and we all love it when we get something for free --- kyunki " Phir b dil hai hindustani " .;)

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