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What Why and How Technique to crack any technical interview

Hello friends,

Today I am going to tell you about some strategies for cracking any technical interviews.

Many times this has been observed that you prepare for interviews by investing lot of time but you fail to produce answers when asked in your interviews. Possible reason's for this failure can be many Like
Lack of concentration, Improper Time management, Insufficient Study material etc. So you need to do some smart work in order to gain some effective knowledge.

What is "What why how technique of Learning" ?

Any concept you take, Or any Topic you pick. Before starting learning that concept simply prepare for three questions, Suppose you are going to learn Struts2 of java, So ask three questions

What is Struts ?
Why we use Struts?
How we use Struts ?

Similar strategy can go with any topic, And once you feel like you have learned that concept again ask the same questions to yourself and try to answer them, And if you are able to produce answers at that time, Surely You'll be able to answer your questions in your interview with confidence.

Similarly for other topics also:
Like in Oracle we have Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Indexes etc.

What are Procedures?
Why we use Procedures?
How we use Procedures?

What are Indexes?
Why we use Indexes?
How we use Indexes?


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