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Install Android Lollipop (Custom ROM) on any phone (General Steps)

Hey Guys today I am going to guide you on how to install any custom rom on your android phone.

For some guys it may look very difficult, But actually it is not, it is just like installing a new operating system on your computer.(Many of you might have done this before)

Before starting lets get familiar with some terms like Custom ROM, Recovery tool, Stock ROM

I said installing a custom rom But first of all a brief description of what actually is custom rom.

What is Stock ROM ?

Stock ROM is just like an operating system that comes pre installed on your device, So before installing any custom rom you need to take back up of stock rom.

What is Custom ROM ?

Custom rom is nothing but an android operating system. When you purchase a android phone it comes with a rom or OS called Stock ROM. So by default the rom that is on your android device is called stock rom. And there are many developers that customize those roms and publish them over network for various phones. And they are called as custom roms.

For example: Google launched Android Lollipop, so many developers launched the customized versions of that lollipop for various phones like micromax, samsung, HTC etc. ie they launched custom roms for those phones

What is recovery tool ?

Recovery tool is basically a software application that will help in installing custom rom and taking back up of stock rom. There are many recory tools available in market eg, CWM Recovery, TWRP Recovery,
There is one pre installed recovery tool that comes with your device, But if you are going to


So now you have an idea of what is a custom rom.
Lets look at steps to install a custom rom on your android device.

Few points must be considered before installing a custom rom to your device.
1) Take back up of your Applications. ()
2) Take Back Up of your Stock ROM (ie. Pre installed on your android device)
3) Wipe dalvik cache and system cache.
4) Download custom rom for your device.
5) Download TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery for your android device (Your can easily get recovery tool for your device on google )

Steps to install custom rom on your device :

1) First of all you need to download custom rom for your device on your computer.

  • Open google
  • Search for Custom for your YOUR DEVICE (Like Micromax Canvas Nitro A310)
  • Download the custom rom (.ie bug free or error free, Read users views before downloading)
You can use Below provided links:

2) Place that custom rom from your PC to your android device (Preferably on your SD Card).

3) Download Android application Super BackUP from playstore.

4) Using Super Back up Take Back up of your applications and data (You can search google for the whole procedure)

5) Root your phone. (See what is rooting)

6) Install CWM Recover or TWRP Recovery tool on your device (See what is Recovery TOOL)

Below are some links to download recovery tools:
Note; If you do not find recovery tool on above mentioned links, Kindly google Recovery tool for your device. or search XDA Forums

7) Boot your system into recovery mode (I am taking example of CWM recovery tool)
Using Volume UP + Power Button

8) Now take Back Up of your current stock rom (Using Back Up and restore option on screen and then choose Back Up) which is currently installed on your device. this is needed because in case any thing goes wrong while installing custom rom, you can restore to your current stock rom.

9) Now your back up will start and it will take few seconds or a minute to complete (Depending upon your data and rom  size)
Back Up Started

Back Up Completed

10) Now your Stock rom is backed up. Now you need to install custom rom on your device. For that we need to delete every thing on your device.(ie you need to wipe data on your phone)
11) Actually there are two types of rom's available

  • Wiped roms: You need to wipe every thing from your device in order to install custom rom on your device. These roms are more reliable and chances of bricking your phone is less.
  • Non Wiped roms: You don't need to delete any thing just install custom rom and all your applications and settings will remain as it is, but this method is less reliable and chances of bricking your system is more

12) Now after wiping data from your phone, Choose custom rom by Choose install zip to apply option

Choose a zip to apply

13) Choose zip(Custom rom) that you have already downloaded from PC and put into your SD card earlier (Not you should have downloaded a compatible rom that is made only for your device)

14) Install the ROM
Custom ROM Getting Installed

15) It will take some time 5-10 minutes to install the new rom
Finally your rom will be installed. You just need to reboot your device into normal mode just by pressing power button.

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