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Reasons why iPhone 6s or 6s Plus is the best apple iPhone till date

Hey Friends, Apple launched its latest iphone's ie. iPhone 8 and iPhone X on 12th of Sep 2017, Since it was apple's 10th anniversary, There were rumors that apple will launch apple iphone 10 instead of iPhone 8, However, Apple did launched iPhone X but with that they also launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well. Which means that we might never see apple iphone 9.

But, the question arises that which iPhone is the best till date, Lots of people have different views and different answers. In my opinion, Best iPhone till date is iPhone 6S plus.

Below are some reasons why I believe so.

Reasons why iPhone 6S Plus is the best iPhone till Date:

1) Headphone Jack available: 

iPhone 6s Plus was the last model in which headphone jack was available. I personally believe that there was no point in removing the headphone jack just for saving 3.5mm ? Well how stupid was that ? For listening to music, why you must carry extra overheads like a stupid converter, If I dont own set of air-pods.

2) Looks: 

If you compare the iPhone 6Splus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8. They all looks same almost, and when you put on a cover on them, One cannot easily recognize, if not observed closely. So why to pay extra bucks when you already have the best one in Hand, 6Splus. One more reason not to upgrade.

3) Price: 

Since they all looks same and have almost similar features, Obviously the later one's are a bit enhanced and have little more features. I don't find any strong reason to upgrade and pay huge amount of money.

4) Camera: 

All these variants have a 12 MP camera, Obviously later versions have slightly enhanced camera that clicks slightly better pictures. Video recording is also same 2060@30fps (Basic setting). So, Why to pay extra bucks, Another strong reason to avoid upgrading. But I still believe that iPhone 6Splus have a very good camera and there is no point in upgrading to later versions.

5) Finger print sensor: 

iPhone X is having face detection unlock and no finger print sensor is available, Which I found quiet annoying, So if you have iPhone 6sPlus, 7, 7 plus, 8. Do not upgrade to iPhone X.

Well, Some of you might find all these reasons quiet stupid and you might want to upgrade, My point here was just to save money and do not waste it unnecessarily on stupid features. Because after all Money matters in the END.

Thanks for reading.

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