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How to generate sitemap for Blogger in simple steps

Sitemaps allow search engines in indexing a website's all pages to search engines.

An complete sitemap file will mention all the pages of a site but that’s not the case when your blog or site is hosted on Blogger.

The default XML sitemap of any blogpost blog will only have the 26 most recent blog posts. There is a limitation coz some of your older blog posts, that are already missing in the default XML sitemap file, will never get indexed in search engines. There is a simple solution to solve this problem.

Below is the answer:

How to Generate a Complete XML Sitemap for your Blog:

Below mentioned technique is valid for blogs having domain like ( and also the custom domain like

Now this is what you need to do to expose your website's complete site structure to search engines like google with the help of an XML sitemap.

Open the Sitemap Generator from below link and type the full address of your blog including http:// (For self hosted blog use

SiteMap Generator for blogger

Generate the sitemap using the generate sitemap button and this tool will generate the necessary text for your sitemap. Now, Copy the entire generated text into your clipboard (see screenshot below).

Now, go to your Blogger dashboard, You can find it under Settings – > Search Preferences, then enable Custom (robots.txt) option (which is available in the "Crawling and Indexing section"). Paste the clipboard text that you have copied here and save your changes.

And Yes,  We are done. Now, Search engines like google will automatically discover your generated XML sitemap files via the robots.txt and you will not have to ping them manually.

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