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How to Earn Money By Mobile Photos and Videos

If you want to earn money by making photos and videos from your mobile? So our "upload photos from mobile, how to earn Rs 30000 every month?" Post will have to be completed.

For this, everyone should have a mobile or DSLR camera. Who make your photos and videos.

Now you have to follow all the steps given below by us? Which you can understand well and you can also "upload photos & videos from mobile to earn 30000 rupees every month?"

Upload photos from mobile. How to earn Rs. 30000 every month?
Now I am going to tell you about a website, where you can upload your photos & videos, you can earn a lot of money every month. This website is completely safe.

Step 1
Everyone has to go to the shutterstock contributor's website? And click on Get started.

Now you will see a form, you have to fill it, and click on Next.

Now you have to verify your email id, for this you will have an email in which you will have to click on an email verification link (Please click here to verify your email).

Now you have to fill your Residential & Mailing address, and click on Next.

Now you have to go to your Dashboard. And to complete your profile, to which you have to add your profile photo, your full details and social media link?

In case you want to take the money, you have to go to your account setting, and go to Payout Information and select one of the Payout Method (Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill).

Now you have to upload any HD photos or videos as soon as they are approved. After this, whenever someone downloads your photo or video, you will continue to get its life-time commission.

In the end,
If you upload photos from your mobile, how to earn Rs 30000 every month? If you like it, share it with friends on social media and if you have any questions or suggestions, then you can tell us in the comment box given below.

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