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What is IOT ? How Does it Work ? Advantages and Future of IOT

What is IOT ? How Does it Work ? Advantages and Future of IOT

Hello friends! If you want to know about IoT (Internet of Things), then you have come to the right place because in this article I will tell you in detail about IoT (Internet of Things). What is an IoT? How does this work? And know what its benefits are. So let's start with-

Before I explain to IoT, let me tell you that I have a very good experience in this. I had set my smartphone to full automation, as soon as I came to my house my Wi-Fi would be turned on, my mobile ringtone would change. I had set my room lights in a similar way. With this, as soon as the weather outside the house was bad, I used to get a mail. In the process, my mobile battery used to be quite used.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT, is "a process or phenomenon in which all devices are connected to the Internet and communicate with each other." These devices can also be normal devices and smart. Devices can also be there. Let me give you some examples to clear this concept.

Examples of IoT (Internet of Things):

If I started talking about the features of IoT (Internet of Things), then this article will be long but still I will tell you some of its main features-

Suppose you have an Automation house and you have placed a sensor on its roof that the door of your house will open automatically as soon as you go inside the house from outside, but it is not that everyone comes and opens the door Go, it is your Eye Retina or you have a device whose IP matches with the sensor on the roof, depending on it.

Suppose there is such a sensor in your room that as soon as you step inside the room, then automatically the lights of the room will become ON or there will be fan or AC ON.
You must have known about Microwave Even though Microwave is found in every house nowadays, but sometimes you thought that as soon as we turn on food by keeping food in the Microwave, as soon as the food becomes hot, the Microwave turns off automatically. It happens. Friends, this is the wonder of IoT ie Internet of Things.

Let us now know in which places IoT technology is being used nowadays-

  1. Automation home
  2. smart City
  3. Smart grid
  4. Industrial internet
  5. Connected course
  6. Smart retail
  7. Energy engagement
  8. IoT Used

How does IoT (Internet Of Things) work?

Actually friends IoT (Internet of Things) works on IPV6 and this IPV6 means Internet Protocol Version 6 and each device has its own separate IP Address. IoT Devices also uses other types of technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. It will benefit that millions of devices will connect easily with each other without any interruption, and these will be the devices we use everyday such as clothes, TV, fan, AC, Cooler, refrigerator, Microwave, Wagaira - Wagaira |

Advantages of IoT or IoT (Internet of Things) :-

Friends, do you know that more than 11 billion IoT devices have been made in 2018 and if we talk about 2025, it can reach 50 Billion. So far, we are connected only to Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, but in the coming times we will be connected to many new IoT devices. Such sensors will be applied in your clothes, with the help of which if your sugar, blood pressure, will increase, then your personal doctor will have full knowledge that your percentage of blood pressure is large.

So friends, in today's article, we have learned what is IoT? How does this work? And knowing that I hope that all your doubts will be clear. I have a lot to tell you about IoT. For more information, stay tuned with our blog. If you want me to write more on this topic, then you can comment below your opinion, I will chase to write on it soon. The information about this automation technology is completely new, I want you to share it on your social media and tell it to all your friends.


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