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Huawei comes forward to help Canada to Overcome Mask's Shortages

Huawei comes forward to help Canada to Overcome Mask's Shortages

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is helping Canada tackle the COVID-19 epidemic by putting millions of masks in the country, as hospitals are struggling with a shortage of safety equipment for health workers. 

The company has distributed more than 1 million masks, 50,000 pairs of gloves and 30,000 goggles across Canada and this week the Globe and Mail continue to send more. Huwaway plans to provide the country with six million masks, of which around 200,000 will be N95 masks used by health workers. 

The scale of the donation has not been made public by Huawei, a person with knowledge of the charity told The Globe. "Three weeks ago, we began offering to donate medical masks and other supplies to reach provincial governments across Canada," reported Alykhan Velshi, vice president of corporate affairs, Globe. “These are all donations. 

Provincial government officials in Canada have helped indicate the greatest need and readiness of their territories to distribute masks. "In early February, Canada sent 16 tons of protective equipment to China. Other Chinese donors include Bank of China,, billionaire Jack Ma and his Alibaba Foundation and Tencent. 

The Globe said the private donation consists of millions of masks and pairs of gloves and at least 100,000 protective overalls, according to a person with knowledge of the versions. On March 31, 2020, the Government of Canada announced an additional shortage of necessary medical equipment and additional funding of $ 2 billion to support clinical trials and purchased ventilators and protective personal equipment, including bulk purchases with the provinces and territories. . 

“Our first priority is getting equipment and supplies in the hands of our frontline healthcare workers. This important task is made more challenging by the highly competitive global environment in which we are working. 

The Canadian industry is making massive strides to support these efforts, and the people of Canada can be assured that we are working around the clock to ensure that Canada is at home and abroad. Should, as we fight COVID CO 19, “Hon. Public services and procurement minister Anita Anand said in a press release today. Huawei's donation comes to Canada as the company seeks federal approval to install 5G technology on the country's mobile network. 

In addition, the tech giant has also demanded the release of its chief financial officer Meng Wenzhou, arrested in Vancouver in 2018 on charges of fraud related to alleged violations of sanctions against Iran.

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