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The right to start supporting the Canadian initiative VCS LAUCH INITIATIVE in an initiative called VCHOURS,  the founders and members of the Canadian startup community can plan individual calls with any chancellor who has taken the initiative.

During these calls, the founders can share their ideas, problems and opportunities, as well as hear what venture capitalists have learned by working with their portfolio companies over the past few weeks.

“The strength of the Canadian startup community is based on the spirit of partnership and collaboration. Together we will be strong. ”

“The Canadian startup community has come together in recent weeks to support Canadian startups that are unprecedented due to the epidemic.” We are facing problems, ”said Nicholas Jacques-Bouchard, head of Panache Ventures and co-founder of VCHS.

As vice chancellors, we expanded to the Canadian founders, having witnessed this crisis in working with teams and startups. “Investors in Loose Capital, Mistral Venture Partners, First Capital Partners and BrightSpark are also co-founders.

The initiative is aimed at Canadian innovators, whose passers-by may not have advisers, investors or other interested parties that could be counted on during the crisis.

The goal of this initiative is to meet with representatives of the Uli business community and colleagues about the CO-COIDID world. Read more For consideration.

A phone call that can be scheduled online will be between 15 and 30 minutes and the organizer. COVID-19 uses a government-owned online software tool to facilitate launch, the report said. This Genome startup, with 58 percent of new businesses in Canada, says their industry has been hit hard. The reason is "COVID-19, seven."

The percentage is higher than the global average. "Behon A later report by the Ace of Canada Development Bank (BDC) found that 90 percent of Canadians felt its influence. An epidemic. These effects led to layoffs. H Companies change their strategy or continue to make suggestions.

Jacques Bouchard said: "The strength of the Canadian startup community is based on cowardice and cooperation." Together we will be strong. "

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