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Russia ranks second on number of corona cases world wide | Russia report

Russia ranks second on number of corona cases world wide | Russia report

Russia has confirmed 232,000 cases of coronavirus - the second largest toll in the world after the US. There have been 10,899 infections in the country in the last 24 hours, the number exceeding 10,000 for the tenth consecutive day.

Among those to be infected is President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov, local media reports. He is the latest high-profile official to test positive, after Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin caught the disease.

The news comes a day after President Putin relaxed the country's lockout. The factory and construction workers returned to work on Tuesday, although Mr. Putin gave the areas the freedom to ban them based on local conditions.

Coronovirus crisis test Putin's hold on power Russia brings home doctors from Russia to Italy, despite high numbers of confirmations, the death toll in Russia is only 2,116.

Government officials say the country's mass testing program is responsible for that low death toll, but many believe the number is actually much higher.

Meanwhile, authorities in St. Petersburg opened fire at an intensive care unit, killing five coronovirus patients and forcing the evacuation of about 150 people.

What is the latest in Russia?

Local media reported on Tuesday that since 2012, Mr. Peskov - the president's spokesman - had tested positive for the virus and was now in hospital. "Yes, I am ill. I am receiving treatment," the new agencies quoted him as saying.

Prime Minister Mishuestin tested positive for coronovirus two weeks ago. Since then, Culture Minister Olga Hussimova has also been detected with the virus, as did construction minister Vladimir Yakushev and one of his representatives. Mr. Peskov told TASS news agency that he last met President Putin more than a month ago.

Mr. Putin is working away from his residence outside the capital, and the Kremlin says his health is well preserved.

The president on Monday announced the expiration of six weeks of "non-working days" in a televised address. The Russians started returning to work on Tuesday morning.

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