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Amazon AWS announced the creation of a no-code mobile and web app Amazon

Amazon Services (AWS) has launched the no-code mobile and web app development tool Amazon Honeycode. A fully managed service, Amazon Honeycode is a visual application builder that can be used by customers to create applications supported by AWS-built databases, which the company says can easily filter, sort, and link customers Allows to make them interactive and data-driven applications. 

Amazon HoneyCode has pre-built templates, where data models, business logic and applications, such as time-off reporting and inventory management, are pre-defined and ready-to-use. 

App developers can also import data into a blank workbook, use the familiar spreadsheet interface to define the data model, and design application screens with objects such as lists, buttons, and input fields. 

In addition, Amazon offers Honeycode builders the option to layer automation on their applications to run information, reminders, approvals, and other tasks. After the application is built, customers can simply click a button to share it with team members. 

Customers can build applications with up to 20 users for free, and pay only for users and storage for large applications, the company said. In the June 24 announcement, Larry Augustine, Vice President of AWS, Larry Augustine, said, "Customers have told us that the need for custom applications increases the ability of developers to build them." 

This imbalance between demand and supply is helping the civic developer drive the low / no-code movement, Terry Simpson, a tech campaigner at workflow automation firm Nintex, told the IT business in an interview last year. 

Users who build using Amazon Honeycode can create complexity for a small team from a task-tracking application to a project management system that manages a complex workflow for multiple teams. Or department. 

"With less-code in the AWS cloud stack, a new era of light cloud innovation is emerging," Dion Hinchcliffe, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, tweeted today. Company-based messaging platform Slack and paid image sharing, image hosting service and online video platform SmogMug are among the first customers to plan to use Amazon Honeycode. 

Brad Armstrong, vice president of business and corporate development, Slack, said in a press release, "We are excited about the opportunity that Amazon HoneyCode created to build teams to drive and adapt to today's changing business landscape is." 

"We see Amazon HoneyCode as a great complement and extension to Slack and work together to create ways for our joint customers to work more efficiently and more with their data than ever before Excited about the opportunity. " Amazon Honeycode is currently available in beta form in one AWS region - US West (Oregon) - with more regions coming soon, the company said. 

By 2024, low-code application development will account for more than 65 percent of application development activity, according to a recent Magic Quadrant, according to Gartner's Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform report. Other no-code / low-code app development platforms include Google App Maker and Zoho Creator.

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