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Key to your return to work strategy | Post Covid Updates | Canada News IT World

Key to your return to work strategy | Post Covid Updates | Canada News IT World

According to one data expert, data analytics can play an important role in helping their employees come up with safe plans to return to the workplace. In a recent ITWC webinar, Task Force Chief Technology Officer Archana Ramamurthy said that some employees are looking very different while continuing to work from home. 

He said that many organizations are working through scenarios to find a way forward. But fragmented figures located in different departments can slow them down. "The crisis has shown that agility is important," said Ramamurthy. 

“There is a rare need for all parts of the organization around the same set of data to make decisions. This is forcing organizations to plan ahead in ways they had not done before. "He said that an integrated data analytics system can help optimize, plan and respond to these challenges. 

Workday has found that relying on a" single source of truth "is the best way to evaluate how workers work Doing and planning a safe return to the office. How analytics helps you optimize business speed. A workday survey showed that agile organizations typically have four characteristics - they make informed decisions. 

The medium is responsive, adaptable, efficient and empowered. To achieve this, organizations need a secure system that can pull together real-time insights from across the enterprise, including human resources, finance and operations, Ramamurthy said. 

"Integration is very much needed for the organization to compare and contrast trends, so it can pivot as needed," she said. With built-in automation, systems to respond to rapidly changing events Can easily scale. Also, all processes S must be self-documented, because "nothing slows agility like documentation processes," she said. Ramamurthy recommended that the system should not rely on IT to extract data. 

Ramamurthy said, "One of the fastest ways to curb organizational agility is by requiring business leaders and users to make decisions and identify opportunities for action." 

"Realizes the power of data where you can plan, execute and analyze as a business user to bring your organization forward." Find out that after infecting its employees to work from home, Workday began using its data analytics system to track employee-welfare through a weekly survey. 

While most adjusted well, some said, Phil Wilburn, Senior Director of Working Day, Analytics and Insight. Based on the survey data, the company changed the budget and policies to provide assistance to essential employees. This included an additional paycheck, flexible work schedule, and home office tools such as noise-canceling headphones and ergonomic chairs. 

"The ability to get the right insights allowed us to move very fast," Wilburn said. Now, Workday is using analytics to develop an expense forecast to return to work. The company is combining survey-based data on how many employees plan to return to the workplace such as office costs, additional cleaning services, personal protective equipment, and the number of buildings opening worldwide. 

"It really helps with financial planning," said Kinnari Desai, vice president of finance at the working day. He said, "I didn't have to spend time together in data stitching, but could focus on analyzing and making decisions that impact business." For me, we are seeing the benefits of analytics and the power of digital transformation. ”

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