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Time to build the digital workplace of tomorrow ? Now is the Time for doing it

Time to build the digital workplace of tomorrow ? Now is the Time for doing it

Business leaders know that hesitation is not an option, so when faced with a global crisis most adapt to new realities. 

But the work of converting a company into a smooth digital operation continues, and now is not the time to sit back. In most predictions about the future of business, technology is central. 

But DX calls for a lot more than the latest technical goodies (although they are needed). 

Developing in a world of nonstop churn and disruption also demands the right culture to meet the right mix of people, as shown by the ongoing global crisis and the resulting shift from work to home. 

Even before the crisis, leaders were working to advance their digital strategies. 

Earlier in 2020, organizations were forced to quickly mark their current positions, to determine what they should do to ensure continuity and customer experience, and ultimately to create a roadmap. The roadmaping work continues, and as any smart leader will tell you: there is always room for improvement. 

Do you have an hour on December 10? Hopefully you will, because IDC Canada's Evan Hardy of that day and Rakshit Ghora of HCL Technologies will be calling for an hour-long conversation about how Canadian companies can create the digital workplace of the future. 

"Disruptive disruptions in the workplace", Hardy and Ghurah are Canadian businesses currently prioritizing investments and tasks, from success factors to building tomorrow's workforce, which will cover many topics.

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