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Top 5 Free online tools that are handy in Daily use | Make a list of them

Our article today is for those people who are busy on their computers every day for some work. Most people are working in Office. For those people, we are going to tell about the Top # 5 Free Online Tools, so that their work will be done well and fast. Using such a tool will save you time and work too.

It is not necessary that this tool will work only for the office people but also for those people who keep working on their projects in school and college. If everyone starts using these tools then their project will be completed first and ahead of time.

#1 PDF to Word Converter

Remember this website or bookmark it in your browser. From this website you can convert any PDF file to Word, you should know that you cannot make any changes in PDF file but when you convert that PDF file to Word, then change a lot in that file. Can mean you can do full editing in it.

In an office or college project, there are many times that you are given a pdf file or you are asked to make some changes by downloading a pdf file from the internet. In this case, instead of spending money on any software, you can convert that file to PDF to Word from this website for free. After changing the file according to your choice, you can also convert that file into Word to PDF from the same website again.

#2 Photo Compressor

When it comes time to upload the Passport size photo in filling the online form, there are many conditions in its uploading, which has the maximum file size limit condition. This means if the photo size limit is up to 100kb, then you cannot upload photos of this size. In this case, this website can be very useful to you. By uploading your photo on this website, it can be compressed according to the size.

This website is going to be very useful to fill the form in government job, job application, admission, etc. Nowadays no application is given without a photo, now photo has been made necessary everywhere. Remember this website too or save it in your browser.

#3 Convert Case

Whenever you make a project, it should be made professional so that it makes a good impression on the people who check or read. There are many people who use Online Text Editor instead of heavy software. Suppose you write big text or make caption on a website like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, then this tool will be very useful to you.

Through this online tool, you can convert the case of your text paragraphs in just one click. Whenever I write something, I do not even notice the case while typing fast. In this case, this Case Converter is very useful and it removes all my mistakes in just one click.

#4 Hinglish to Hindi Text

Write Hindi in our country and the population of people studying is the highest. I and I have many blogger friends who do blogging in Hindi and we also need such tools. If you do not know how to type in Hindi typing then you can use this online tool.

If you write anything in Hinglish on this website, it will be automatically converted into Hindi. Meaning when you type "Ham" on this website, it will automatically change to "we". This is a very useful online tool for your office or college work.

#5 Canva Photo Editor

Photo Editing work is everywhere whether it is Office work or any of your personal work, Editing is done everywhere. In this case, this online tool is going to be very useful for you. Canva is the best online photo editor ever.

With this tool, you can create any type of photo that works in your project. In this, you will get a lot of feature miles for editing. If you want to make a photo for social media too, then you can make it from this website. It will go for all social media templates of their size.

Friends, I have been using all these online tools for many years and credit should also go to my success. Now all these tools are remembered in the mind and if I work anywhere, I definitely use it.

All these tools are used a lot in blogging too. If you are also a blogger, then you too are going to use all these tools.

I think our article today is going to be very useful for you. You must share this post with all your friends so that they can also be helped. Comment below and tell me which tools you use in your daily work.

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