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US Department of Justice says to blame Canadians for destroying stolen money by North Korean cyber criminals

The indictment against three North Koreans spans the FBI's 2018 charges, including several cyber incidents:

Cyber ​​attacks on the entertainment industry: a devastating cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November 2014, a fictional assassination of a North Korean leader; AMC Theaters' December 2014 targets, which were scheduled to show the film; And the 2015 incursion into Mammoth Screen, producing a fictional series involving a British nuclear scientist prisoner in North Korea.
Cyber-enabled successors from banks: attempts to steal more than US $ 1.2 billion from banks in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Mexico, Malta and Africa through 2019, by hacking banks' computer networks and worldwide Interbank Financial Sending fraudulent societies through telecommunication. (Swift) message.

Cyber-enabled ATM cash-out theft: The theft of $ 6.1 million from USI Bank BankIslami Pakistan Limited (BankIslami) in October 2018 - through the ATM cash-out schemes - referred to by the US government as "FASTCash".

Ransomware and cyber-enabled extraction: the creation of the destructive WannaCry 2.0 ransomware in May 2017. Attempts to extortion and extortion of companies suffering from 2020, including theft of sensitive data and deployment of other ransomware.

The creation and deployment of malicious cryptocurrency applications: Development of several malicious cryptocurrency applications from March 2018 to at least September 2020 - including Selus Trade Pro, Worldbit-Bot, iCryptoFx, Union CryptoTrader, Kupe Wallet, Coinhouse Trade, Dorusio, CryptoIntroTrader Huh. Ants2Whale - which will provide North Korean hackers a backdoor to the victims' computers.

Targeting cryptocurrency companies and theft of cryptocurrency: Targeting hundreds of cryptocurrency companies and stealing millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency including $ 75 million from a Slovenian cryptocurrency company in December 2017; $ 24.9 million from Indonesian cryptocurrency company in September 2018; And $ 11.8 million from a financial services company in New York in August 2020, in which hackers used the malicious cryptocurrency trader application as a backdoor.

Spear-phishing Campaigns: Targeted employees from the United States launched several spear-phishing campaigns, defense contractors, energy companies, aerospace companies, technology companies, the state's U.S.Department, and the U.S., from February 2016 to February 2016. The Department of Defense approved.

Maritime Chain Token and Initial Coin Offering: Development and marketing to enable investors in the 2017 and 2018 Maritime Chain Token to purchase partial ownership interests in maritime shipping vessels, supported by a blockchain, which funds the DPRK from investors Will allow to receive. Control interests in maritime shipping vessels, and avoidance of US sanctions.

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