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Are Sex Breaks the New Lunch Break?

In these WFH times, experts say that early in the afternoon can actually increase focus and productivity while reducing stress levels.

It is no secret that homeworkers are taking their toll. We are feeling lethargic and overwhelmed, and, in many cases, trying not to do our harm on our partners while being trapped in a small space.

But some have discovered a new way to relieve stress and increase pleasure during these times: Workday sex breaks down. After all, when there is no office to go home, why is it safe to have sex at night?

"I recommend skipping lunch and having sex instead," says 25-year-old Kelly Ann of Bristol, England, who works in marketing. She says that she is enjoying sex once or twice a day with her live-in partner as she breaks up the work day since the COVID hit. "It really changes your work day and helps you do something different if you work from home and are working," she says.

Kelly is alone in squeezing sex between the zoom calls.

Kate, 27, who lives in Indianapolis and runs a sex toy and advice website with her husband, has sex once a week and once a week. "There's something I love about just being on a conference call, then having sex with my husband, and going back to work with my coworkers that was on my lunch break. It's like The thing that scares people about workday sex is that it is part of my sexuality to enjoy it.

Sex during the workday can also be a way to eliminate day-to-day tiredness that sucks some of it out of fun. 31-year-old Fatima T from Florida says it is easy to have sex with her husband daily during the day. Shifting work schedules and children make sex at night less commendable, plus, "I've noticed that things get smoother when I have sex with my husband during the day." I am more focused on tasks, ”she says.

Workday sexcapades are not an anomaly. In fact, before the COVID-19 hit, nearly one in five lunchbreakers were drowning in sex. And this number is likely to skyrocket: pre-pandemic, only 4% of us worked from home; Now, it is about a third of Americans.

Michigan based sex and relationship therapist Stephanie Goerlich, LMSW, says that increased daytime sex with her clients and co-workers is an emerging trend as COVID has forced us home. "But it's taking many forms; it's not just married couples who have mid-day. I'm also hearing a lot about masturbation during the workday - sometimes even during meetings when someone is listening." , But silent / off-screen, "she says. (Why not consider it the biggest.)

Goerich is also seeing disappointment from those who had to change their office affairs to work at home. She says, "The epidemic has led to 'sexual activity' in the workplace, as well as office conditions, to some extent."

But workday sex during COVID is not merely a welcome distraction from the conference call and the drum of an epidemic. It is a way to boost productivity and work performance, whether you are advancing coding by numbers, words, or leading a life.

"Orgasm can relax you, allowing you to think clearly and elevate your mood," says certified sexologist Shaan Budram.

45-year-old Ro Sanchez, an Ohio-based intimacy coach, engages in sexual activities during daily chores through daily chat, sexting, and video. "I can honestly say that having sex during a workday increases both my productivity and mental health," she says. “Sex After sex, I am more assertive and confident, helping me to create a zoom meeting, pitch presentation and dishes. It is easy to focus on your goals for the day, mainly due to the relief of stress and anxiety as an immediate result from the release of endorphins. "

The health benefits of having sex are not about; They are well documented. “Sex is a mood lifter. It relieves stress, enhances immunity, and promotes a deeper sense of intimacy in relationships, "Alice Kelly-Jones, Ob-Gine of Sexual Health and Novant Health in Charlotte, North Carolina, About Women's Wellbeing Having said."

If you are going to get engaged, just be sure to plan a definite break. Goerlick says that instead of engaging in sexual activities, embrace the schooling concept of lunch time. If you are busy on a workday to reduce the potential risk of getting caught with your pants, she also recommends some common-sense guidelines.

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