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Best Android 12 features announced at Google I / O 2021

Best Android 12 features announced at Google I / O 2021

With more than 3 billion active Android devices worldwide, new details of the Android 12 operating system in Google I / O 2021 naturally caught people's attention. From the new design to the improved privacy, Google showed what new major features users can expect when Android 12 closes.

Google said yesterday during the presentation that it was based on UI elements around emotions, which led to the creation of MaterialU. Content You build on Google's content design and change the way the system looks according to user interaction. The operating system will dynamically adapt the system's color palette by sampling individual elements such as wallpaper and responding to touch with animations. For the latter, Google displayed a new ripple effect when the user picked up the phone or pressed the power button.

In addition, Google has improved animations by reducing resource background tasks, primarily locking contention in key system services such as activity windows and package managers. Also, using better free space, apps now scale better in various display formats and sizes.

In addition to the facelift, Google has also given a facelift to Settings Access. The pulldown notification shade will be more comfortable with larger buttons. Google Pay and Smart Home Control will have their own locations in Quick Settings. Long pressing the power button will sync Google Assistant.

Android 12 will have a new privacy dashboard. Within, users will find a summary of permission settings and adjust them accordingly. There is no longer a bounce between multiple menus to change permissions for different apps. The privacy dashboard will also provide sensor access per app with timestamp, which adds a bit more transparency to the phone's work when the user is looking away.
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The two most sensitive parts of any smartphone will be microphones and cameras with better monitoring. When they are activated, Android 12 will display a permanent icon in the top status bar. Users can also revoke microphone and camera access to all apps from Quick Settings.

Location detection will be divided into exact and approximate. While navigation apps like CityMapper require precise location, others, such as the Weather app, work fine with approximate locations.

The personal compute core is another major new feature coming to Android 12. Google did not delve into its specifics as its keynote speaker, but it is clear that the personal compute core is not a new security processor like Microsoft Pluton. Instead, it appears to be a software solution that isolates sensitive user data used for local AI processing. Google has created open source code for private compute cores and is independently monitored by the security community.

According to Android 10, all Android releases conform to a dessert. Android 11 did not have a public codename, but was called "Red Velvet Cake" by its dev team. Android 12 will follow suit. Although it is called Android 12 only for the public, it is known internally as "Snow Cone".

Android 12 will release this fall, but Google Pixel phones and 11 brands including OnePlus, Xiaomi and TCL already have access to the beta version.

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