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Updates CompTIA Cloud+ certification

Updates CompTIA Cloud+ certification

CompTIA's updated Cloud+ certification exam is now available worldwide.

The new CV0-003 exam announced on 9 June replaces the old CV0-002 exam, which will be retired in December 2021.

CompTIA's Cloud+ exam focuses on cloud-related skills and technologies in areas such as communications, defense and engineering.

Compared to CV0-002, the new exam has more emphasis on:

vendor-agnostic cloud security
how to maintain high availability
More emphasis on automation and virtualization
Additional exam material on Cloud Architecture and Design
Earning a Cloud+ certification can lead to a career in systems engineering, cloud engineering, or network administration.

Nothing has changed in terms of the length of the exam. It is still a mix of multiple choice and performance-based questions. The student has 90 minutes to complete 90 questions.

CV0-003 also replaces the recommended prerequisites. While CV0-002 recommended only two to three years of administration experience, CV0-003 now also recommends CompTIA Network+ or Server+ certification. Granted, many people in systems administration roles already have those certifications.

CompTIA's certification is valued across the industry for its platform-agnostic information. They are designed to establish a flexible foundation so that certified employees can integrate into any relevant workplace with minimal training.

The cost of the new exam is US$338, the same as the previous exam.

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