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ITWC looking for data case studies for fall conferences

ITWC looking for data case studies for fall conferences

Share your best data story with a national audience in Analytics Unleashed

Do you have a project or a significant set of experiences that have generated real learning in the field of data analysis? Have you used this knowledge to tackle a challenge or achieve some remarkable results? Do you have any idea of ​​traps or practical tips from this?

Why not share that knowledge and experience with your peers and a national audience?

Analytics Unleashed is a new ITWC event designed to share knowledge and experience in data analysis. Scheduled for September 23, 2021, the hybrid event will educate and inform professionals and professionals on the practical application of data analysis.

We are looking for case studies of data analysis that foster discussion at the event. If your submission is selected, we will help you record a presentation that will be presented at the conference to a national audience that will include corporate executives, CIOs, IT leaders, and a variety of businesspeople and professionals in the field of data analytics .

Case study presentations can come from companies and organizations of any size, from both the public and private sectors. With the conference focusing on hands-on learning, presentations should be based on real experiences. A certain level of anonymity will be allowed to protect privacy.

We are not looking for an academic job. The application is simple:

Create a brief outline that says:

Brief description of the project
aims and objectives
Important steps and activities
stored result
Case studies must be sent to ANALYTICSUNLEASHED@ITWC.CA before Monday, August 16, 2021

All submissions will be recognized. Although this is a type of contest, we will work with the presenters to clarify the importance of filing a case.

Help us develop and share the skills, knowledge and experience we need in our businesses and organizations.

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