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Ookla. Says Telus is still the fastest mobile carrier in Canada

Ookla. Says Telus is still the fastest mobile carrier in Canada

The numbers are as follows: Telus is the fastest carrier in Canada, but Rogers is the most consistent. Other Canadian carriers, particularly the national carrier, all performed commendably.

These findings were published in Ookla's Q2 Market Report. The Internet research company uses its own metrics to rank the performance of carriers. Its speed score weighs download speed more heavily than upload speed because download affects the user experience significantly more than upload speed. It combines the best, middle and worst measurements in a ratio of 1:8:1.

With the score decoded, the numbers speak for themselves. To no one's surprise, Canadian mobile data speeds are still pretty fast. All three big national carriers scored above 72 points. Of the big three, Tellus is once again the fastest in the pack at 82.93, followed by Bell at 75.61 and Rogers at 73.30. Even Rogers' flanker value brand Fido achieved a score of 72.37.

The gap widens at fifth and sixth, respectively occupied by Videotron and Shaw's (soon to be Rogers) Freedom Mobile. Videotron scored 51.80 while Freedom Mobile scored 39.51.

All six top Canadian carriers performed exceptionally well in latency, a measure of the time delay between data flows. Freedom Mobile won this category with an average latency of 19 ms, but even the worst performers in this category clocked in at less than 30 ms.

Speed ​​is one thing, consistency is another. There's no point in high peak speeds if they fluctuate like a cat's mood. Ookla's Consistency Score refers to the percentage of results that achieve at least 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. A higher score represents a more stable connection.

Videotron took the first place with an impressive score of 89.6 percent. Fido and Rogers were in second place with scores of 87.1 and 84.6 percent respectively. With 80.8 percent, Tellus was only ahead of Bell, who sat at 78.5 percent.

But what about 5G? Ookla's report also measures 5G performance and availability in Canada. Among the carriers with 5G networks, Bell and Telus had the highest speeds. Although the Rogers 5G was not as fast, it beat Bell and Telus in terms of availability; More than 33 percent of Rogers' customers remained on 5G connections. Customers on Telus connected with 5G 22.5 percent of the time and Bell customers 16.8 percent.

Alberta beat both British Columbia and Ontario as the province with the fastest average overall download speed at 70.74 Mbps, although British Columbia was not far behind at 68.98 Mbps. Ontario takes fourth place with 62.52 Mbps, which is only slightly lower than Manitoba's score of 63.05 Mbps.

However, the city with the fastest internet speeds is Winnipeg in Manitoba, followed by Edmonton and Calgary. Toronto, Canada's largest city, ranks seventh, with Montreal leading Quebec City and Ottawa.

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