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If your iPhone 12 earpiece has failed, Apple can fix it for free

If your iPhone 12 earpiece has failed, Apple can fix it for free

Apple has announced a service program to fix failed receivers on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pros (via 9to5Mac). The company says that non-Mini or Max phones made between October 2020 and April 2021 may have an issue where there is no sound from the earpiece when making or receiving calls, and this problem may be fixed as part of the new will fix it. free. program. According to Apple, the problem is caused by a component failing in the receiver module.

Apple's page says that only a "very small percentage" of devices may be affected. While it can be hard to tell what Apple means by "small percentage" (it infamously uses the phrase when describing the number of butterfly keyboards that experience problems), it doesn't seem to be the case. . That earpiece problem is widespread—searching for reports of receiver failures on Reddit or Twitter yielded only a handful of complaints.

Still, for those of you who own these phones, it's nice to know that you'll get some support in case your earpiece starts popping off. While all iPhone 12s are still under Apple's one-year warranty, the service program covers the devices for two years after purchase, giving your earpieces an additional year of coverage. One thing to note if you have this problem and are looking to send your phone in, though: Apple says that if your screen is broken, it needs to be fixed before you can fix the receiver. While it won't cost you anything to fix the earpiece, screen damage can be fixed, so just be aware.

Apple also says that the phones will be "tested prior to any service" to ensure they are eligible for the program. This means that if you're like me and accidentally broke your phone's receiver by pouring boiling hot pickle liquid into it, you won't get a free fix. Cest La V.

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