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Motorola Solutions Opens New Network Security Operations Center in Canada

Motorola Solutions Opens New Network Security Operations Center in Canada

Motorola Solutions opened its new Network and Security Operations Center (NSOC) in Gatineau, Quebec on August 11 to protect Canadian emergency services communications and critical infrastructure.

George Krause, President of Motorola Solutions Canada, explained to IT World Canada that the new NSOC will provide fault detection and fault detection for all Motorola Solutions products in land mobile radio (LMR) and LTE networks, command center software and security and video access. control. provides improvement. . It also provides cyber security features such as cyber attack and intrusion detection, and security patching.

The new NSOC is part of Motorola Solutions' strategy to help protect government software as a service (SaaS) and cloud solutions. Krause notes that the company has designed its products around the Canadian Center for Cybersecurity Requirements.

The press release further noted that NSOC services comply with the Canadian cybersecurity framework ITSG33, and that NSOC is a sovereign data environment where access to sensitive data is role-based and will only be viewed by federally authorized personnel. .

"We are honored to welcome Motorola Solutions to the Gatineau Connexito cybersecurity cluster," said Antoine Normand, president of In-Sec-M, a non-profit security organization, in the announcement. “Their networks and technologies are trusted by first responders across the country, including police, fire and emergency medical services, and the security of these systems is paramount. They are an integral member of In-Sec-M, a Canadian cybersecurity firm. It will help promote industry innovation and development.

Krause said that while the new NSOC may work with the national public safety broadband network currently under development, it is not a primary focus for Motorola Solutions at this time.

In an email to IT World Canada, Motorola said that NSOC is primarily for Motorola products, but cybersecurity services cover Motorola's product portfolio and are also capable of securing third-party solutions in enterprise environments.

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