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New hacking group emerges, claims two Canadian victims

New hacking group emerges, claims two Canadian victims

Canada and US A new criminal hacking group, including

CoomingProject alleges that its Canadian hunts are a horse breeding association and a women's fashionwear business. It appears that the US The site is in progress for reading Japanese manga graphic comics.

IT World Canada is not naming Canadian organizations as we have not been able to contact them to confirm the hack. The Horse Breeding Association's website is offline, and the women's clothing site did not respond to an email request for comment.

Threatening groups have been known to bluff. Last year, two Canadian companies strongly denied the ransomware group's claim that they had successfully stolen data from them. What the group said was it posted copies of the plans stolen from the companies. The companies told IT World Canada that those images were already public.

However, Brett Callow, a threat researcher at British Columbia-based Emsisoft who told us about this new group, says the data posted on the ComingProject site appears to be legitimate.

It is not clear whether this group steals data and demands payment or acts like a ransomware group by encrypting corporate data.

"We attack all over the world but the first instructions we received were for France and Canada," the Cummingproject website says. Callow isn't sure what to do with the words about "first instructions," but sometimes sentences on criminal websites make more sense in the language in which they were originally written.

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