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Latest League of Legends spinoff is coming to Netflix Games

Latest League of Legends spinoff is coming to Netflix Games

Riot is bringing a whole new League of Legends experience to Netflix games.

Riot Forge, the publishing subsidiary of Riot Games dedicated to smaller, self-contained games within the League of Legends universe in collaboration with Bit.Trip developer Choice Provisions, has released its latest game: Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story Is. did. To declare.

Hextech Mayhem is a rhythm game in which you have League of Legends characters zigs and Hemmerdingers bounce to the beat of the music, detonating city-busting bombs along the way. In addition to being available on Switch and PC on November 16th, the game will also be available to Netflix subscribers at a later date.

Netflix recently announced that it is integrating the game into its mobile app. While the initial offering of games was lackluster, this latest announcement gives an indication of what kind of titles we can expect from Netflix in the future, while adding an attractive value proposition to Netflix as a gaming service. Huh. Huh. Huh. Where players on other platforms will have to pay $10 to enjoy, HexTech Mayhem will be free on mobile for Netflix subscribers.

The upcoming HexTech mayhem at Netflix Games is the latest development in the Netflix/Riot partnership. This week, Arcane — the League of Legends animated series exclusively on Netflix — debuted to positive reviews. Netflix also announced that its games will now be available on iOS devices starting November 10th.

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