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Qualcomm's next-gen CPUs for PCs will compete with Apple's M-series chips in 2023

Qualcomm's next-gen CPUs for PCs will compete with Apple's M-series chips in 2023

Qualcomm wants to take its PC processors seriously, with the company announcing plans for a next-generation Arm-based SoC "designed to set performance benchmarks for Windows PCs" that rival Apple's M- Hits the series. Processor can run face to face

Qualcomm's Chief Technology Officer Dr. James Thompson announced plans for the new chips at the company's 2021 Investor Day event, which aims to get samples to hardware customers about nine months before a product launch with the new chip in 2023.

The new chip will be designed by the Nuvia team, which Qualcomm bought earlier this year in a massive $1.4 billion acquisition. Nuvia, in particular, was founded in 2019 by a trio of former Apple employees who previously worked on the company's A-series chips.

The company is also making big promises: In addition to offering competition to Apple's stellar M-series chips (which power its latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops and iMac and Mac mini desktops), Qualcomm is heading for "continuous" territory. is ready. The goal is to lead. performance and battery life,” too. Additionally, Qualcomm promised that it would also enhance its Adreno GPU with the goal of offering desktop-class gaming capabilities for its future PC products.

Qualcomm has previously tried to break into PC chips, including products such as its Snapdragon 8cx line of processors and its partnership with Microsoft on the Surface X's SQ1 and SQ2 chips. But where Apple's Arm-based chips offered a revolutionary experience of power and battery life when it launched the M1 lineup last year, Qualcomm's PC efforts have so far been lackluster.

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