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Adam Mosseri explains how Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed

Adam Mosseri explains how Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri used his story to answer people's questions about the company's plan to bring back the much-loved chronological feed that was promised during his appearance at a Senate hearing on Wednesday. In a Q&A on Friday, he said the company is testing two versions of the feature and is "targeting early next year" as the release window approaches.

A version of the chronological feed will let you "pick your favorites and they appear at the top in chronological order," he said. The second will let you see posts from all the people you're following in chronological order, although they didn't mention how recommended posts would be intercepted.

When a follow-up question asked Mosseri when the feature would appear, he said it wouldn't be too long, and Instagram is "testing an already favorite idea." He added that a "full chronological" mode would be coming soon.

Reiterating a tweet from Instagram on Wednesday, Mosseri clarified that the company is leaving no stone unturned to get its algorithmic feed back, and it will be like Twitter where you can choose which version you like. , “We’re not going to eliminate rankings entirely. We’re going to give people the option to go to the chronological version of the feed,” he said. “But at a high level, we believe that the rankings are what we need to do with that content. Allows people to connect. Helps connect what matters most to them."

In his Q&A (which you can watch in full below), Mosseri answered questions about Instagram's own upcoming parental controls feature, as well as his time in the Senate. You can read more about his testimony on child safety, where he proposed creating an "industry body" to control how children's data is used.

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