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Amazon's Appstore update is about to fix problems with Android 12

Amazon's Appstore update is about to fix problems with Android 12

Amazon has finally rolled out an update for its Appstore, and it's supposed to fix issues that have been plaguing Android 12 users for more than a month (via Engadget). After users downloaded Android 12, they noticed that the Amazon Appstore was not working correctly, a problem that may have been caused by a lack of compatibility between Amazon's built-in DRM and the operating system.

In an update on the Amazon support forum where the problem was first reported, an Amazon staff member noted that the tech team has released an update to resolve the issue between the AppStore and Android 12. They say you can download the update from Amazon. website, and after installing the update you should sign out and sign in with the Appstore. You'll then need to update any apps you've downloaded by opening the Amazon Appstore, going to "My Apps," and then clicking "Updates."

However, this fix does not solve the problem for everyone. Some users on the forum say that they are still facing problems after the update. While some individual users complain that not all of their apps are still showing up on the Store, another user reports that they are getting compatibility errors when trying to open an app.

"We are contacting customers to update their AppStore experience," Amazon Troy Edwards said in a statement to The Verge. "We apologize for any disruption this may have caused."

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