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DuckDuckGo is working on a privacy-focused desktop browser

DuckDuckGo is working on a privacy-focused desktop browser

DuckDuckGo, the company best known for the privacy-focused search engine of the same name, is working on a desktop browser that should have a similar focus on avoiding tracking your entire web experience. In a post on his blog, DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg provides a glimpse of what the upcoming browser will look like and notes that we can expect it to perform the same way as its browsing app does on mobile.

Weinberg explains that desktop browsers will offer "strong privacy protections" by default, without you having to turn on any hidden security settings. Like the mobile app, the desktop counterpart will come with the same "Fire" button that quickly wipes all your browsing history, stored data, and tabs in one click.

It's also built around an "OS-provided rendering engine"—like it is on mobile—which Weinberg says will create a clean interface and get rid of any clutter that comes with mainstream browsers. Weinberg also claims that early testing of the browser indicates it is "significantly faster" than Google Chrome.

The browser is currently in a closed beta test on macOS, but a tweet from Weinberg indicates that DuckDuckGo is rolling it out for Windows as well. There's no word on when the desktop browser will be publicly available.

Last month, DuckDuckGo introduced a built-in tool for its mobile browsing app that prevents the app from tracking users on Android. And in July, the company rolled out an email security service that it says will remove any trackers attached to your email.

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