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Google TV's nifty new personalized profile has been delayed

Google TV's nifty new personalized profile has been delayed

Personal user profiles that were expected to pop up on Google TV last month have been delayed, meaning those personalized content recommendations have unfortunately been put on hold.

The company initially said the new user profiles would arrive on Google TV last month, but Google spokeswoman Ivy Hunt told The Verge today that the profiles would now roll out "in the coming months." The news of the delay was first reported by 9to5Google.

This is a bit irritating for multi-user families who want profile features like customized watchlists, personalized help from Google Assistant, and pinpointing content interests of others using the same device (e.g., roommates, kids, etc.) were waiting for. — although Google first introduced child profiles earlier this year). Sharing an experience among multiple users is like handing it over to your Netflix algorithm. not ideal!

Google didn't give a reason for the delay, but with any mercy, its TV experience will bring us personalized user profiles early in the new year.

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