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How to Watch the Great Fast Running Games in 2022?

How to Watch the Great Fast Running Games in 2022?

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), the annual week-long marathon for charity, begins Sunday, and if this year's schedule is anything to go by, the event is expected to be another exciting event of jaw-dropping gaming. Is. Promises.

This year's lineup features a great mix of old and new games that players will try to beat as fast as they can. I'm personally excited to see Chicory: A Colorful Tale Beat in 35 minutes, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Halo Legendary in an hour and 17 minutes. Some races look like they might be too cool to watch, such as the 26-minute three-way Diddy Kong Racing race. (Will they beat WizPig? Tune in to find out.) And one of the final runs may be one of the event's best: Hard-As-Nail Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice will go full blindfolded.

AGDQ 2022, which is online only this year, begins January 9th at 12PM ET, where it will be streamed live on Twitch. It's set to end just after midnight ET on January 16th. The donation will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation; Last year, the event raised more than $2.7 million.

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