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Twitter is probably testing a way to let you untag yourself from threads

Twitter is probably testing a way to let you untag yourself from threads

Twitter may be testing the escape hatch for users who don't want to be part of the thread. On Friday, author and researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted a candid screenshot of a new "leave this conversation" feature. As mentioned in the screenshot, this feature will untag your username from conversations on Twitter, prevent people from mentioning you in conversations again, and prevent you from receiving notifications about it. (You can still watch the thread.)

This feature looks different from "mute this conversation", an existing option that turns off notifications for the thread you mentioned. According to a followup tweet, leaving the conversation will cause your Twitter handle to appear as plaintext in the tweet where you are mentioned, instead of a hyperlink someone would normally see if they tapped your Twitter handle. This can add friction that discourages other users from dragging you into helpful conversations and signals that you are not interested in participating.

As always, Twitter declined to confirm whether it is testing the feature in an email to The Verge. But the company has consistently introduced subtle ways to control how other users connect with your account. This includes tweaks that simplify existing options such as forcing a user to unfollow you, as well as limiting replies and notifications when an account with a lot of followers has retweeted you. This feature would fall on the more dramatic end of the spectrum – but could also add an option many users might appreciate when tagged in an annoying thread.

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