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8BitDo announces its first Xbox-style controller

8BitDo announces its first Xbox-style controller

8BitDo has announced its first controller with an Xbox-style layout. There's already an Xbox-specific version of 8BitDo's excellent Pro 2 controller, but it has the symmetrical stick layout typically associated with PlayStation consoles. The "Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox", on the other hand, is in line with Microsoft's official alternatives.

The Ultimate Wired Controller has the Xbox-specific buttons you'd expect as well as Pro Controller-style back paddle buttons that can be customized via software on Xbox, Windows, Android, and iOS. It also has a headphone jack and triggers vibration, in line with regular Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers. Black and white models are available.

I'm using the Xbox version of the 8bitdo Pro 2 as a PC gamepad, and I really like it. Officially licensed Xbox controllers are a versatile fit for PC because most games natively support the button layout whether they're on Steam, Game Pass, or any other platform.

Wired controllers aren't ideal for living room environments, but I like to use them with my PC because they're never too far from my desk. However, many people prefer asymmetrical sticks, so this new model may be a better option for them. That said, we can't yet comment on things like ergonomics or button feel until we try the controller for ourselves.

8BitDo is taking pre-orders for the Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox on Amazon starting today. It costs $44.99 and will start shipping on May 31.

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